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Attorney Anna E. Meddin, Esquire

Attorney Anna E. Meddin, Esquire

The Meddin Law Firm, is a boutique family law practice located in downtown Orlando, with a comprehensive family law practice focusing on divorce, paternity action, modification of child support and time-sharing, military family law and wills. With attorney Anna E. Meddin, you will have the attention and assertive representation that you deserve. By combining compassion and the knowledge of law, as well as the financial and emotional situation of the client, The Meddin Law Firm will create an effective strategy to reach your objectives.

Divorce in Florida requires no-fault of either spouse; meaning that in Florida, neither person has to determine blame for the break up of the marriage. You can have an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce with the help of an attorney.  Marriage can be the most wonderful time of your life, but when you know it is over, Orlando divorce lawyer Anna E. Meddin can guide you through Florida’s laws effectively and aggressively.

Fighting for our clients, settlement or trial,
never sacrificing your interests.

When children are involved in a divorce, custody issues or support modifications, we know that your priority is that of both you and them. From child support, to a Parenting Plan, to alimony, The Meddin Law Firm can assist you. Orlando divorce attorney Anna E. Meddin assists individuals, families, spouses, and intended parents within the Florida Court system of Orlando and throughout Central Florida. We also understand the unique needs of a Military divorce and laws regulating military service members.

The Meddin Law Firm offers effective and aggressive
representation at your time of need.

In Florida, family law judges make decisions based on family law statutes and case law. Those family law judges have discretion to apply Florida law and their application can range from a broad decision to a strict one; it may be in your interest to hire an attorney who is familiar with the judiciary and their judgments.

Should you be considering a Florida divorce or simply want to learn about your legal rights under Florida law, contact Orlando Attorney Anna E. Meddin. Anna E. Meddin, Esquire is an English and Korean speaking attorney and admitted to practice in the State of Florida an the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

The Meddin Law Firm, P.A. is a professional association with concentrations in Florida Family Law, Divorce, Military Family Law, Modifications, and Wills. The firm is located in downtown Orlando, Florida at 1415 East Robinson Street – Suite C, Orlando, Florida 32801.